Reopening a closed tab will sometimes occur if a staff member has closed off a tab incorrectly.

The steps below can be followed in order to re-open and correct a tab.

  • Click on “Tabs”, then click on “Show Closed Tabs”.

  • Next, select the tab that needs to be re-opened (this will be the name of the tab).

  • Click the “Re-Open Tab” (found at the bottom right corner of the page), then input the 6 Digit Manager PIN to override.

  • This will allow the tab to reopen and this can be seen in “Open Tabs” area above the “Closed Tabs” section.

  • Now, click on the now "Open Tab" button – it will show the tab cart with its placed menu items and the payment method made on that tab.

  • From here, you can delete the payment made on the tab by clicking on the payment method in the cart (which can be done by input ting the 6 Digit Manager PIN for the payment to be deleted from the tab)

  • You can now add and/or void items in the cart and close it off again with respective payment methods.

If you need further assistance, please email or call +27 (0) 72 863 0116