Adding media to PageMan is simple and quick. Action the following steps and you'll be seeing your content on your screens in no time!

1. Sign into your PageMan account (

2. Click on the gallery tab on the left hand side of the screen.

3. Click on "Upload Media or "Upload from Dropbox" depending on where your content is stored.

3a: If uploading media from your computer, you will be directed to the Upload Media page. Here you can drag and drop your media into the white block area. If you want to upload media from desktop files, click on the box and select media and open (which will add it to the same area).

3b: If you want to upload your media from Dropbox, select this option, log into your Dropbox and wait for media to load.

4. Once all media is loaded a tick will show completion. (All non standard file types will be converted by Amazon cloud services and the transcoder will convert content into the correct format).

5. Once all the files have been uploaded, the blue "Done" button will show. You have uploaded media!

Note: All the media that you want to display you need to upload to the gallery so that you can create Schedules with Playlists that contain the content. These Schedules will be downloaded to the selected devices and played at the time you selected.

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