Loyalty overview

Basics - A customer earns loyalty when they make purchases at a tenant that is running a loyalty program. - Loyalty is a payment type which can be used by customers to make purchases at a tenant. 
Admin Setup
There are three ways to gain loyalty
Firstly, it depends on whether you select Currency or Points for the loyalty system to use

A) Using 'As Currency'
A.1) Percentage
You can choose to award customers loyalty either as a percentage of the money that they spend with non-loyalty payment types like cash / card ( and excluding gratuity and change)

For example: a rate of 5% loyalty of spent is R5 loyalty value for every R100 spent. If you spend R100, you gain R5 worth of loyalty. If you spend R10 you gain R0.50 worth of loyalty. 5% no matter how much you spend.

A.2) Spend Threshhold
You can also choose to award customers loyalty for every whole amount that they spend, called the 'spend threshold'.


For example: With a rate of R5 loyalty gain per R100 spent with the spend threshold type of loyalty, if the customer spends R100, they'll gain R5 worth of loyalty. If they spend R95 or under, they'll gain nothing. If they spend R105, they'll still gain R5 only. If they spend R195, they'll still gain R5 only. But if they spend a whole R200, that is: two whole R100 thresholds, they'll gain R5 loyalty for every threshold. I.E. R10 loyalty on R200 spend (edited)

B) Using 'As Points'
Points are automatically locked to the spend threshold type of loyalty gain, except that instead of setting 'R5 loyalty gained per R100 spend', you can only set the threshold that a single point is gained at.

You can gain a point for every whole R10, R100, R1000, or any number you want.


Then, as shown in the example above, you have to set how much each point is worth, in currency. For example, if you gain 1 point per R100 spent, and each point is worth R10 as shown in the picture, for every R100 spent the customer effectively gains R10 worth of loyalty points.
 C) Loyalty expires
There is a bar at the bottom of the loyalty setup which allows you to set how long loyalty gained lasts before it expires, in days. 

 D) Loyalty Tiers


You can create new loyalty tiers which "boost" the amount of loyalty that the customer gains. Customers will belong to a tier after spending a certain amount of money at a tenant, eg. R2000 in the example above. The total spent is calculated based on invoice totals for the customer over a twelve month period up to and including the current month.

Customers in that tier will receive a bonus amount of loyalty whenever they gain loyalty, equal to a percentage of the loyalty gained. 10% in the case of the example above. Customer's Loyalty Loyalty is a payment type (payment type code "LP") which can be used by customers to make purchases at a tenant. The value of a customer's loyalty in the associated tenant's currency is saved in the customers table in the tallorder database ("LoyaltyValue" column) , while histories of loyalty awards and loyalty redemption are saved in the LoyaltyAwards and LoyaltyRedemption tables, respectively. Customers can belong to "loyalty tiers" based on their loyalty earnings, which has specific benefits like being able to earn bonus loyalty on their purchases. They can also be manually assigned to belong to a particular loyalty tier and that value locked so that it does not change. (This is set in the customers table in the columns "LoyaltyTier" and "LoyaltyTierLocked")