• Go to admin.tallorder.mobi
  • Log-in in with your log-in credentials (email address and password)
  • On the left-hand side scroll to the "Finance" tab, then click on the "Accounting Integration" option. 

  • You can then click on the Xero button to start your Xero integration.



    You will be redirected to the Xero Accounting webpage and asked to verify your Xero Integration by signing into your Xero Account. 

    Choose the correct company from your drop-down list if you have more than one  Company you manage within Xero.

     Enter your Xero username and password  then click the "Log in" button

     After login on the Xero website you will be redirected to TallOrder Admin where you should set your  configuration/settings for the Xero integration

You will now be directed to the TallOrder Xero integration set up page:


    • Please choose if you would like to sync on a detailed or daily summary level.  

    • Detailed  this will allow TallOrder the option to sync all invoices as they are posted on the TallOrder side to Xero. TallOrder invoices will match Xero invoices.

    • Daily summary - this will allow TallOrder to sync your invoices once a day in one combined invoice. Customer/debtor invoices will still be posted to the relevant customer accounts and not as part of the combined posting.  

    • Choose your Vat % for Sales and your Vat % for Purchases 
    • Create a TallOrder Cash customer account. When we post your sales to Xero we will debit the TallOrder Cash customer account and credit Sales, credit Vat (if applicable) and for hospitality customers, the gratuity control account will be credited. 


    Choose your gratuity account or create a gratuity control account to post you gratuity funds received to  you will be required to reconcile these amounts when you do your outpayments to staff. 

  • Choose your petty cash control account  this would be you cash receipt control account. You will be able to create one by clicking on the plus sign and adding the Control account  We suggest naming it TallOrder Cash Control