Set up your control accounts for each payment method. As with the petty cash account, we suggest that you name your control accounts TallOrder Cash Control for Cash, TallOrder Credit Control for a card, TallOrder SnapScan Control for Snapscan. Etc. 


  • As soon as you are done you can save the settings and it will confirm if all have been set up correctly. 
  • You will now be able to save your setting. 
  • We suggest that you double check your settings after saving by clicking on the configure button again and check that all settings have pulled through from Xero. If you are happy that all have pulled through you can save again and return. 
  • Always remember that if you add any new payment methods you do need to configure them on the finance integration side as well.  it will not happen automatically. 
  • You are now able to sync your contacts (suppliers and customers) and items to TallOrder.