Now that you have activated ToGo, you will need to set up the items and add-ons you want to see on your ToGo item list available to your customer. You can either do this individually under Products or via the Bulk Settings option. Your ToGo menu is Separate from your Active menu. If a product is not set as active on ToGo’s menu it will not appear on ToGo. 

Make an item available for ToGo (individual item change) 

Head to the menu you would like to edit. You can do this by selecting “Products” on the left-hand side navigation menu and then clicking on the Active Menu. Select your menu from there. We are using a test menu for this manual.

Select the menu item you would like to add to ToGo. We have selected a burger.

From here, you can scroll down to the ToGo section of the update block. Please select the ToGo settings, this will change it from a red cross to a green tick.

Click update to complete the update. You can Save, Save and Update Next (i.e. next product) or Save and Exit. 

Make an item available for ToGo (Bulk Setting change) 

Click on the Bulk Settings button within the Menu and then select the ToGo settings that were previously mentioned in the individual product changes. 

Click on “Apply Settings” to see changes to all products. Go to Menu and and Clone Active menu to create your ToGo Menu. Make it Active and Publish

Then go to to access your Tenant/Merch

Note: You can also make items unavailable in your ToGo menu so that your customers cannot select them.