Once you have activated ToGo for your menu, you will need to go to Tenant Settings to confirm the rest of the activation settings in order to get your ToGo activated. 

In the Tenant Settings area, click on the TOGO circle at the top of the screen. Please make sure ToGo is enabled here.

Here, you will be able to confirm all the elements of ToGo to ensure that all these details will pull through to the POS interface. You can customize the look of your ToGo in this window so be sure that you carefully go through this section. 

For example:  

Here, you can customize your ToGo colours on the online app, decide on days which you will use ToGo and whether you would like to suspend the ToGo service temporality. Examples of what need to be filled in are: 

  • Enabling ‘order ahead’ if applicable 

  • Choose the ToGo Colour Primary. This is the tenant's main colour, the rest of the colours will automatically be selected according to the Primary Color.

  • Add a ToGo Landing Page Background via the image uploader

  • Add a logo.

  • Add opening and closing times. If the tenant is open 24 hours, choose the same open and close time. 

Please make sure that ALL relevant ToGo information is filled in and then Update and save to complete.