Overriding Prices is a feature now fully supported in TallOrder PO Ver 7.6.29 and later. It is generally used to price Portions specifically per product in cases when the standard Percentage Based Portion pricing does not work due to price points desired.

Overriding prices can be set up per item for either Portions or Options, but not both. It is generally used for Portions as portions impact inventory. Options do not have inventory impact, but could have labour or the like impact in service businesses.

Why do we offer Options and Portions? The goal is to help reduce Item clutter. With portions used one can have one item such as a bottle of wine and 2 portions. When Portions are not used, the merchant would require managing 3 items instead.

TallOrder Portions allows the merchant to set up a set of portions and then assign such portion set to the applicable set of products. E.g. for Wine Portions one may have portions such as Glass and Carafe, in addition to the full bottle, or for Spirits one may have Single, Double and Triple tots as portions in addition to a full bottle.

In TallOrder such Portions each have a % of full unit to be used and a % of price to be used. One can also set up the % of AddOns to be used as well as the % of AddOn prices. For most AddOns the % to be used and price is generally 100%. The exception may be for instance when dealing Pizza portions when one wants to use say 50% of the addons as inventory but charge 60% of the full pizza price.

The example of Wine Portions where the unit is a 750ml bottle:

Wine Portions    % of Unit Used    % of Unit Price    % of AddOn Unit    % of AddOn Price

Glass    20    25    100    100

Carafe    33    40    100    100


This means that a glass of wine will require 20% of the 750ml bottle of wine from an inventory perspective and be priced automatically at 25% of the full bottle price. If one has planned for these percentage in advance, it can simplify price management, but often one’s portion prices may require adjustment.

Eg if the bottle of ABC wine sold for R125, the price for a glass at 25% would work out to R31.25 and the merchant would rather offer it at R29.00 to help drive sales. The Carafe would work out to R50.00 at 40% of R125, but the merchant knows it will look better at R49.00


Now the Merchant can assign Wine Portions to the ABC wine and then select to edit Overriding Prices. At this point the merchant can set the price for each portion exactly as required and then this will be the price used when processing ABC wine portions on TallOrder POS.