How to set up weight embedded barcodes in TallOrder admin 

Firstly, you need to set-up barcodes for your tenant in Admin. 

  • Sign in to your TallOrder Admin Dashboard.  
  • Go to Tenant Settings and then POS
  • Within the POS settings find “Printing”
  • Set the use weight embedded barcodes toggle to YES


Enter the Custom weighted format in the text field as indicated in the image below  


  • F=Filler  
  • S = SKU 
  • W=Weight 

  • Add SKUs to items that will be scanned (this can also be done on POS)  




Alternatively, you can:   




NB: Only the SKU is mandatory for the items to be scanned and added to the cart. There is no need to add the barcode  


Scanning barcodes on POS 

  •  Plug in the handheld USB barcode scanner to the POS device (this is a plug and play device) 
  • Scan the barcode on the item. The item will show on the cart .
  • Setting up Price embedded barcodes 

To set up a price embedded barcode we follow the same steps as with the weight embedded barcode. 

The custom format for the Price embedded barcode is FFSSSSSFPPppF 

NB: Capital P is represented as “Rand” value and small p as “cents”. These characters are case-sensitive. POS will take all 4 P’s and make the last two the “cents” values 

Alternatively, explicitly name the characters as C, Using this custom format: FFSSSSSFPPCCF  

Take note  

If the user makes use of a SKU and no barcode on a product then barcodes will calculate the weight/quantity based on the price regardless of its unit type. If you only have an SKU, that means the price or weight/quantity is embedded in the barcode itself 

If you have P then it will calculate the weight according to the price. 

If you have W then it will calculate the price according to the weight  


Given that the barcode = 601234500011 

Custom format =FFSSSSSPPPPFF 

The barcode is broken down as follows: 

FF: 60,  

SSSSS: 12345,  

PPPP: 5000, FF: 11 

ie. if the price of 1 unit is 100.00, sku is 12345, the price that is going to set in the cart is R50.00 or 5000 cents and the weight/quantity would be 0.5 which is 50.00 / 100.00 

The weight is just the other way around. The barcode is telling us what the weight is and then we calculate the price based off its price per unit